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We’re a small family-owned and operated orchard situated on the California and Oregon trails in western rural Johnson County, Kansas, specializing in variety! We are working hard to develop a spectacular “pick-your-own” orchard filled with an amazing variety of delicious fruits including over 200 varieties of apples, cherries, and peaches. Not to mention the variety of activities for your whole family, school, daycare, or organization to enjoy! We offer group tours, hay rides, educational tours, night rides to roast marshmallows on the bonfire and you will get to see the crossing of the California/Oregon Trail. Please check out our blog from our website to get additional details on hours and what is currently scheduled and what fruit is ripe - we will update this weekly during season. We have planted with a focus on disease resistant no-spray or low-spray heirloom apples. At Wagon Wheel Orchard we flag our ripening fruit so that you can pick fruit from specific trees at the optimum time for taste and quality. Our family has been growing fruit and fruit trees since 1827 in Illinois and Kansas. If you find an apple that you would love to have growing in your backyard we'd be happy to custom graft a tree for you and we can offer advise on growing in Kansas.


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Variety! You-Pick orchard with over 200 apple, cherry, and peach varieties. Most of our trees are heirloom varieties that will never be found at market. We flag the trees as they ripen so you can pick them at perfection. Hayrack rides to the Pumpkin Patch and Gourd maze. Feed the Goats, Chickens, Ducks and Catfish. Trading post with additional farm produce and products.

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On site please check website and blog for picking report

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I order 10 bench grafts March 2013 and never received the order, however, the check I send was cashed that month. I have tried contracting the farm but they returned any inquiries of my order.... [more]

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