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Walking Cloud Ranch raises Navajo-Churros, a rare and primitive heritage breed of sheep, in the remote Horse Prairie Valley of southwestern Montana. We specialize in organically, ethically and sustainably raised lamb and wool, and also sell a small number of starter flocks (a proven ewe, a yearling ewe, and a proven ram) each year.

Our sheep are free range and graze on a variety of native grasses; in the winter their grazing is supplemented with native grass hay grown on the ranch. No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used on our pastures, only the fertilizers provided by the sheep themselves, and our sheep are never given antibiotics or growth hormones. The sheep experience very little stress in their lives, and that shows in the quality of the meat and wool. Our sheep are harvested here at the ranch, by a butcher versed in kosher and halaal methods, and as of November 2014, we are able offer Montana State Inspected butchering. If you require a particular method of harvest, we are honored to oblige.

Navajo-Churro lamb (and even the mutton) is known for being lean and tender, without a hint of the "tallow" flavor often found in domestic breeds. Because Navajo-Churros store their fat mainly around their organs for protection in extreme climates, there is very little streaking, and this lean meat is often recommended by heart specialists to patients who wish to eat meat that is actually good for their hearts.

Navajo-Churro wool has long been a favorite of handspinners and weavers. The wool has a long staple, up to 15", and comes in many natural colors. For an even greater range of natural colors, we dye our wool with vegetal dyes made from native Montana plants and lichens. We welcome visitors (please call ahead) and special orders, and offer free samples to those interested in purchasing meat or wool.


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Navajo-Churro lamb is an integral part of the Slow Food movement. In these economically stressful times, it makes a lot of sense to support small farmers who use low-stress, sustainable methods of farming and animal husbandry. We hope to be able to help you in your determination to eat more sensibly and sustainably. Please feel free to contact us for further information concerning our ranch or the wonderful Navajo-Churro breed, and thank you for visiting our Local Harvest page!

We sell locker lambs "on the hoof" (we arrange for butchering) and ship raw and processed wool and frozen lamb to any location in the United States, with some seasonal restrictions. Lamb is shipped via UPS 2nd-Day and arrives fully frozen. Feel free to contact us for further details.

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