WAPF Virginia Peninsula Chapter

Newport News, Virginia

WAPF Virginia Peninsula Chapter

The Virginia Peninsula Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation is a non-profit nutrition education organization serving the Hampton Roads Area. Our mission is to create local networks of people helping people understand the paradigm shift in nutrition - to nutrient dense, traditionally prepared, sustainable, ecologically grown food - and to help put people in contact with area farmers who produce such food. We usually hold Chapter meetings & other activities quarterly for the purpose of networking, education and practical exercises on preparing nutrient dense foods. We welcome you to join our Chapter!

Listing last updated on Sep 23, 2013

Ultimately, health cannot be achieved alone, working through the current food production and distribution infrastructure. Only a community of people and animals working together, physically interacting with each other, can produce true health for everyone. This Chapter is one way of helping to begin the process of forming such a community.

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We have a great time at the VA Peninsula WAPF meetings! Everyone is pleasant , & we learn how our ancestors made their foods & why, as well as where to find local nutrient-dense foods.... [more]

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