For more information visit or call (630) 393-7279.

Listing last updated on Jan 9, 2013

For more information visit or call (630) 393-7279.

Schedule and Location:

Warrenville Park District Rec Center Parking Lot
Intersection of Warren & Tracey in downtown Warrenville
Wednesdays 3:00-7:00pm

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Please don't forget to visit the family selling fresh produce in the small tent kind of in the back. This was literally the best brocolli, radishes, and snap peas i have ever had.... [more]

I was very pleased with the Warrenville Farmers Market. It was great to have one so close and with convenient hours.

I hope more vendors come next year and perhaps it can be extended into Sept/October.... [more]

I loved the 2009 Warrenville Farmers Market. Because of it's newness to the local harvest world, it is small. However, the walk was filled with dozens of local people hugging each other, smiling, and waving.... [more]

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