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Creating True Health and Wealth; Deep Green Designing Ecological and Bioregional Economies

The confluence of climate change, economic collapse, peak oil and wide spread pollution are all pointing to a need for an articulate and comprehensive alternative. Come and hear Andrew Faust one of New York City¢?â„¢s leading Ecological Design teachers describe a beautifully simple and effective way to transition from an inherently inefficient, unstable and pollution generating economy to a healthy, vibrant and regenerative economy and infrastructure.

Andrew Faust, founder of The Center for Bioregional Living, has been teaching ecological design and Permaculture for over 17 years. Two years ago he moved to NYC, after homesteading off the grid for 8 years in rural W.V., and hit the ground running teaching numerous classes, speaking on various panels, designing edible gardens, consulting urban and rural clients and volunteering in his local community garden. He is currently working on creating ecological training centers in North America and abroad and inspiring the next wave of students in his 4th full Permaculture Design Certification in NYC.

Andrew has taught the PDC course over 15 times since 2003 at Yestermorrow Design/Build school in Warren, VT. For more info, visit: Detailed course schedule and syllabus:

Day 1 (Saturday Nov 7)

Why we need Permacultural solutions for today's problems. Permaculture design principles: how they work. Organic, Biodynamic, and biointensive gardening techniques. Day 2 (Saturday Nov 14)

Building with local natural materials, bioregional building designs and techniques. Ecological lawn, meadow, stream and wetland care and designs. Enhancing the diversity and health of wild animals, songbirds and pollinators.

Day 3 (Saturday Nov 21)

Learn biodynamic orchard designs and Permaculture forest gardens. Composting systems for home and garden.

_____________________________ Saturday Nov 28 - Thanksgiving Break

Day 4 (Saturday Dec 5)

Off the grid and gravity powered water systems, Rain garden designs, rotational grazing techniques, chicken tractors and holistic domestic animal care.

How to create your own Permaculture design. Day 5 (Saturday Dec 12)

Design process and presentations.

Price: $250


Class enrollees who attend the FULL COURSE may use this course as credit toward achieving a full Permaculture Design Certificate in a course to be held in Winter/Spring '10 at Hathorn Farm.

Date: Nov 21, 2009
Start Time:9:00 AM
End Time:5:00 AM
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