"Second Spring" Plant and Seedling Sale!

Midsummer Farm - Warwick, New York

We call this time of year, "Second Spring" because it seems like we are repeating a lot of the growing and planting tasks that we were doing in March and April. The plan is to plant the seeds or transplants of cold-loving vegetables and greens now so we can continue harvesting great healthy vegetables into the fall. It is the perfect time to replant the seeds of beets, radishes, cilantro, dill, peas, turnips, mustards, lettuces, greens mixes, spinach, and arugula directly into the ground in your garden. I plan on planting some of these things every other week or so right through the end of August.

Other vegetables need a head start - so we planted trays and trays of broccolis, cauliflowers, collards, kales, chards, lettuces, Asian greens, endives, chicories, and escaroles right around the 4th of July indoors. I've been hardening them off and transplanting them to pots these past couple weeks. And they can go into the ground anytime during mid August.

We'll be selling our "Second Spring" seedlings at our Upcoming "Second Spring" Plant Sale!

We'll have a wide range of cold season veggie seedlings - such as: Various heirloom broccoli Several Hybrid broccoli Big budded broccoli types Cabbages - quick growing types Kales Collards White, green, and purple cauliflower Chards - Rainbow and Japanese Frissee endives and escaroles Kohlrabi in red and white Various Radicchios and Chicories including puntarelle Asian greens - Various pak chois, Japanese and Chinese Cabbages, Tat Soi, Mibuna Lots of lettuces - romaines, oak leaves, deer's tongue, crispheads, and butterheads

These can all be planted in the garden now for fall harvesting or in a cold frame for winter harvesting.

I also transplanted some new traditional sweet basil plants in case anyone is in need of some fresh plants!

And we will have lots of lovely perennial plants on sale as well as perennial herbs.

We accept cash or check and occasionally we have enough cell service to take credit cards .... If you haven't been to our farm yet, we're located at 156 East Ridge Road, Warwick, NY 10990. And welcome! Driving directions can be found on our website!

Date: Aug 9, 2014
Start Time:9:00 AM
End Time:2:00 PM
Organized by:Midsummer Farm
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