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Our Pledge to You -That each of our animals is treated humanely. We do so with extra expense to make sure that our animals lead a very stress free life. This stops unneeded adrenaline and endorphins in their system that adversely affects the meat. We hired Mark Deesing and his partner Temple Grandin to design weaning pens, bull pens corrals, buildings and handling facilities for healthier animals. -That our animals are on pasture 100% of the time and are provided with shelter during inclement weather. Pastures are alternated almost daily. Our 400+ acres allow us to do this. Today we have 3 acres per animal. That when we supplement with hay during the frozen winter it is from our own pastures or from a certified Door County organic farmer. -That we use only seeds, feeds, and fertilizers that come with certifications of their organic origin. -That we supply our animals, with what we call toys, that are moved from pasture to pasture that when used, promote exercise, good grooming (hair brushes), organic insect control (No Fly TM), and to supply healthy organic minerals to the cattle. These toys add to the stress free nature of their environment and learning tools for the calves. -That our breeding stock is only from registered herds of Angus and Hereford. We sometimes get a cross between the breeds in our herd called a Black Baldy (they are cute). We will never use a milk cow. -That we do not use growth hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides or any animal by products for our animals. Should we for the betterment of the animals health need to give antibiotics to an animal it will be sold to an all natural farmer to be raised. -That the animals that we select from our herd for meat have been raised by us in the above fashion. You are welcome to come visit the farm at anytime, we just ask that you call ahead so we can give you a proper tour. -That we will help guide you thru your purchase with us to ensure that you get what you want. -That if for any reason your purchase from us is not satisfactory we will correct it and make it right.


Listing last updated on May 14, 2013

The Waseda Farms Market Store is now open!.

Featuring Certified Organic Waseda Farms Black Angus Beef and Pork, Carr Valley Cheese, Organic Valley Dairy Products, Local farm fresh eggs and produce from our garden(in the summer) and many other great things.

Just stop in on your way home from work or a day on the water. We try to be open as much as we can, usually 10am - 5:30pm. You can always call Tom at 920.217.3210 and he will meet you there.

Schedule and Location:

Jacksonport Farmer Market on Tuesdays
New Leaf Winter Farmer's Market in Green Bay

Schedule and Location:

7281 Logerquist Road, Bailey's Harbor, WI

Open most days from at least 10am - 5:30pm sometimes more.

Call Tom at 920.217.3210 and he will make sure that someone is there!

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