Wee Ones Tea for Bed Wetting & Bladder Issues

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Wee Ones Tea for Bed Wetting & Bladder Issues

Accidents happen! Help tone bladder with these proven herbs.

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Great for children being potty trained to help strengthen bladder. Or can be used by those with urinary incontinence problems.

Contains: Cornsilk, Fennel, Horsetail*, Juniper, Marjoram*, Marshmallow, Parsley*, Plantain*, St. John's Wort*, Stevia*, and Spearmint*.

*Grown on Owens Acres

Cornsilk: Has been used historically for urogential infections and stimulates diuretic action. Used for inflamed bladders and prostate glands.

Fennel: Helps break up uric acid, protein digestion and waste. Rich source of Vitamin A.

Horsetail: Diuretic aiding in kidney infections. Contains Silica and increases production of urine and shrinks inflamed mucosal tissues - especially in the prostate. Good detoxifier.

Juniper: Helpful with kidney stones and prostate - increase urine flow and crystalization of uric acid. Excellent blood cleanser.

Marjoram: promotes perspiration and helps with cold, flu, and fevers. Helps with indigestion and nausea.

Parsley: Diuretic, antioxidant, high in Vitamin C. Inhibits reabsorption of sodium. Healing to urinary tract and will help with painful urination.

Plantain: Heal all plant. Reduces the intestional absorption of bile acids. Excellent remedy for kidney and bladder problems. Helps with incontinenance in children and older folks. Absorbs toxins and soothes inflamed tissues - promotes normal bowel function. Helpful for hemmorrhoids and inflammation.

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