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Hi...We are currently on the starting level of a working farm. I only have "Red Wiggler" earthworms to offer for vermiculture, fishing bait, protein pet food (fish, reptiles, etc.)., at the present time. I will soon also have "Wonder Worms" available, which are a much larger worm, akin to the Canadian Nightcrawlers. They originate in Africa and are much more suited to the warmer southern temperatures than their Canadian cousins. I will also be operating a tropical fish breeding / hatching operation, offering rare strains of killifish and "wild-type" betta species, among many other species of fish. For the natural aquarium, and pond enthusiasts, I will be offering aquatic plants from aroung the world. Like I said, we will be a working farm and plan to be able to provide fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs and much more. From my nursery, I'll be able to provide many different species of bedding & vegetable plants, native plants, shrubs and trees, tropicals, orchids, bromiliads and much more. There will be a lot of common varieties, much MUCH more rare, unusual and other uncommon species. I am working on my website, a list of my future offerings and a more detailed description of myself and what my company will be about. I will post the info, as soon as it is available. Thanks for stopping by, and hope to hear from you in the future.


Listing last updated on Mar 7, 2007

Vermiculture, Red Wiggler & Wonder Worm Earthworms, Fishing Bait

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