Cheesemaking Class

Billy's Goat Hill Farm - Westminster, South Carolina

There are actually 3 workshops in 2 days. Please send an email for complete details to:

Day 1:

Cheese Making ~ Saturday February 2, 2013 ¢?â?œ 10:00 am to 5:00 pm ¢?â?œ taught by Award Winning Artisan Cheese Maker Lois Ryan along with budding Artisans Becky and Sandra Howington. ¢?¢ Cheese Curds ¢?¢ Ricotta ¢?¢ Paneer ¢?¢ French Cream Cheese o (this is a 20 hour cheese and will be prepared ahead of time, you will be instructed how to season and directions will be discussed)

Step By Step Instructions on how to make fresh, homemade cheese. Whether you have your own cow, goat, sheep, or use milk from a local dairy, making your own fresh, homemade dairy products is a unique and enjoyable culinary experience. A Great class for the beginner! You will get your hands directly into the cheese making process, using your senses to observe the changing textures and aromas. You will learn about curd texture and cutting, you will learn the importance of room temperature both with cheese making and the room, sanitation, the use of salt, and the equipment that is needed for simple cheese making and more advanced cheese making in order to create consistent, delicious cheese. We provide all the equipment for the class and each student will receive a notebook with recipes and instructions. Plenty of samples too! Cheese making supplies will be available for purchase. A light lunch of Chattooga Belle¢?â�¢s Grass Fed Beef Stew, a variety of cheeses, preserves, Baguettes, water and coffee will be served. We will have a delicious French Cream Cheese along with the recipe to sample at the class.

Date: Feb 2, 2013
Start Time:10:00 AM
End Time:6:00 PM
Organized by:Billy's Boer Meat Goat Farm
Address: 130 Timber Trail
Westminster, SC 29693
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