Goats - Parasite Control and Prevention

Billy's Goat Hill Farm - Westminster, South Carolina

Parasites are the number 1 killer of Goats. Proper Herd Management is the key to keeping your goats healthy and alive. We are certified instructors of the FAMACHA system and we have been raising Goats for 7 years.

Will will instruct you on proper nutrition, supplements, natural and medicated methods of treatment, pasture rotation, when and how to treat, when and why to cull, how to read fecal samples and more! The cost for this class is $65.00.

Please contact me via email if you would like to attend this class: billysgoathill@att.net

Date: Apr 6, 2013
Start Time:12:00 PM
End Time:5:00 PM
Organized by:Billy's Goat Hill Farm
Address: 130 Timber Trail
Westminster, SC 29693
Email: Email Us