White Dove Passion Fruit Farm

White Dove is a leading producer of Passion Fruit and Pineapple Guava ( Feijoa ) for the United States. We send customers the top five percent of fruit in size, weight and overall desireablity. We are located in Ventura County, California and from here we service coast-to-coast - last year sending 10,000 pounds of passion fruit to our residential customers and another 15,000 pounds to fruit basket companies.

Passion fruit comes from Mother Nature sealed tightly. Pineapple Guave / Feijoa is one of the few fruits that can be eaten in its entirty - outter skin included!

White Dove Farm

Listing last updated on Nov 4, 2014

White Dove Farm is located in Ventura County. Since 2004 we have provided literally tens of tons of passion fruit to satisfied customers across the nation - a box at a time. Because we have changed the footprint of this land to the most sustainable methodology (since we purchased it), it can withstand, the short and long term benefits to earth in general is what makes us proud to be of service to you.

Schedule and Location:

We are not open to the general public but if you are a vet of Iraq and would like a tour with your immediate family we will make special considerations for you. Please call in advance (two weeks) to make an appointment.

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Just logged on to this site to order another box of your beautiful, sweet, tangy, crispy, floral passion fruit even though we're only halfway through the first box.... [more]

We have been White Dove customers for several years now - being Australian, I am naturally drawn to passionfruit, the fruit of my youth. This year I purchased an order from a competitor and, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.... [more]

Wow, John! Let's hear it for the mild winter. The extra order of passion fruit I got this year arrived huge, heavy and fragrant enough to perfume the entire entry way.... [more]

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