White Peony and Licorice Tincture

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White Peony and Licorice Tincture

This is a tincture /extract of the root of white peony and the root of licorice, 1 oz. size.

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The White Peony, also called "Chinese Peony", Paeonia lactiflora, is used for hormonal regulation and is especially valuable in treating the condition called "pcos" or polycystic ovarian syndrome. Here it is mixed in a 50-50 blend with Licorice root, Glychrriza glabra. Some people use this blend to maximize the regulation of testosterone and aid ovulation.

This is a daily toner-type blend and is generally considered safe. However, excess Licorice root should be limited in those with serous blood pressure concerns. As always, it is recommended that you research and/or speak to a health professional about your dosage and how best to use herbs!

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