White Pine Needle Tea

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White Pine Needle Tea

Pine-needle tea has a mildly diuretic effect and will help remove small deposits that often accumulate in the kidneys...

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Relief of Heart Disease; Relief of Heart Ailments; Relief of Varicose Veins; Relief of Muscle Fatigue; Relief of Sclerosis; Relief of Kidney Ailments; Promotes strengthening of nerves in eye; Relief for eye relate ailments that concern connective muscles in the eye; Relief of Gangrene; Reacts with smooth muscles that line blood vessels.

Pine Tree Needle decoction is a traditional remedy that may be used in the treatment of about 80% of human diseases. The remedy is effective for working with the smooth muscles that line the blood vessels and other muscular related diseases such as sclerosis (condition in which soft tissues inside the body become unusually hard).

Today, we know pine-needle tea is especially beneficial for such respiratory problems as colds and congestion. When it's used in a bath, the tea is considered quite effective in treating chronic gout pain, nerve pain and arthritis, as well as sprains and muscle strains.

For coughs and bronchitis Pine-needle tea is an excellent remedy for acute bronchitis, especially when it is accompanied by stubborn and thick mucus production and expectoration. The components in pine have wound-healing, decongestive and disinfectant effects on the respiratory passages. Painful throat irritation is reduced and inflamed bronchi are soothed.

Caution: pregnant women must NOT use this as pine needles will cause "abortion".

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