Whole CSA Meat Share 2015

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Whole CSA Meat Share 2015

Down Payment $516 on whole share of $1032. 20 lbs/month for 6 months of grass fed, lamb, beef, chicken and turkey

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Whole share is $1032 or $8.60/lb. $516 is due at time of order. Remaining $516 is due on July 1st. *By purchasing- you agree to pay in full for the whole share of meat by July 1, 2015.

You will receive 20 lbs of grass fed meat per month for 6 months between July 1st and December 2015.

A whole share will include: July-October- 3 whole chicken, beef November- 1 whole turkey December- lamb and beef

**Options: You may request chicken and beef only for your share. You may also choose to receive more chicken to replace some of your beef share. Requests must be made in January. No changes can be made after January.

All of our animals are raised without hormones or, steroids or antibiotics. Our cows and lambs are grass fed and pasture raised. We include fodder and mineral in our feeding. Our chickens and turkeys are pasture fed and rotated with the animals on grass. They are given grain supplement according to their dietary needs. We do our utmost to raise our animals naturally without using animal by-products, fish by-products or gmo. Please see our website for more information on our farm. www.kygrassfed.com