Whole Freezer Lamb package

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Whole Freezer Lamb package

Polypay lambs provide a unique taste because they originate from 4 breeds to produce a fast growing,high quality,lean meat

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. We raise all our animals as naturally as we can to produce a meat that people keep coming back for.The forages our animals eat is diverse which tranfers to the taste

All our lambs are grass fed from start to finish. No hormones or steroids Our whole lamb package includes: vacuum sealed Includes:

  • 2 legs (bone in or out)
  • Roasts
  • Shoulder steaks (2-4 per pk)
  • Chops (2-4 per pk)
  • Stew meat or burger
  • 2 racks of ribs (1-1/2 rack per pk)

  • Many other cuts available. Whole Lamb package Approx: 30-40 pounds of meat.Ohio Sales Only

    We offer Grass fed lambs from 20-80 pounds, all meat is vacuum sealed for quality and freshness. We are state inspected by the Ohio department of health food safety for eggs. Eggs are sold by the dozen or per 30 pk. We also hatch 80% of our own chickens. produce is available seasonally

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