Wiggle Worm Soil Builder - 15lb. bag

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Wiggle Worm Soil Builder - 15lb. bag

Wiggle Worm Soil Builder PURE earthworm castings are surely Mother Nature's best kept growing secret.

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Why the excitement over WORM CASTINGS? Worm castings are a sterile, odorless means to condition your soil and an organic and natural way to provide your plants with the nutrients they need, when they need them. Scientists have shown that worm castings work extremely well in promoting lush plant growth. Wiggle Worm Soil Builder Earthworm Castings is one product that is truly spectacular. Mother Nature knows best! Worm castings have been proven to "clean" the soil by extracting harmful bacteria and fungus. They can fix heavy metals in organic waste, causing them to release into the soil at a slower rate. The plants can then absorb as much of these heavy metals as they need to grow, according to Tasteful Garden.

Whether you are looking for high-quality non-refrigeration night crawlers or 100% organic earthworm casting fertilizer for your garden or farm, we can help! Harvest Moon Products is a leader in the vermiculture industry! We are a family owned and operated farm that takes pride in our products.

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