Worms produce an absolute fertilizer and insect repellent for all plants.

Wiggley Worms sells worms by the pounds for the garden, worm castings for immediate fertilizing the ground in the spring especially. Worms can be put in the ground any time, but it's best to put the in the garden in the fall so they can begin preparing the soil for spring and reproducing right away. It's best to avoid weather/temperature extremes.

Wiggley Worms also harvests the worm castings and places them in various sized bags to make a plant tea that provides perfect foliar feeding as well a insect repellent.

Worm casting tea is also sold in spray bottles, already brewed and ready for the plant in various sizes.

If it's a plant, it needs worm products. Indoor and outdoor plants alike love worm casting tea.

Listing last updated on Oct 16, 2010

Worms make God's perfect plant food and insect repellent. Ideal for organic, and/or heritage plants. Worms work the soil ideally, from underneath, and the castings feed the plant and provide a moisture barrier at the surface and casting tea feeds and protects the flowers and produce from insects.

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