CSA:  Wild Hive Farm

Operates: January-January

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Don Lewis
(845) 266-5863

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Wild Hive CDA Reward Card (Bulk Consumer) This reward card type is for those buyers who typically buy in bulk, large families, churches, food coops, restaurants, schools, etc. Since you spend more, there higher reward discount built into this card value (20%). Minimum card value purchase: $500 Wild Hive CDA Reward Card (Consumer Driven Agriculture) is a pre-charged discount card entitling the holder to draw down on the value on the card over time. This enables consumers to pre-pay for their commitment to Wild Hive, thus giving Wild Hive Farm liquidity and more financial security to purchase crop contracts to grow grains, much like a vegetable CSA model. This investment pays off directly to the consumer and everyone in the value chain, providing that which is necessary for regional food security: commitment and tru$t. The more value charged to the card, the higher the bonus value added.

We can offer large producer discounts to bakeries, and commercial processors based on volume. Please contact us to create an account.

CSA Details

Season:  January through January

Type:  multiple farm

Full Share:  Retail, School, CSA Farm $500 (+20% value) = $600 Card

Work Req?  No

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Wild Hive Farm

Contact: Cindi Millsap
Phone: 845-266-5863
2411 Salt Point Turnpike