Wild Hoh River Red Huckleberry Collection

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Wild Hoh River Red Huckleberry Collection

Red Huckleberry lovers will enjoy this great collection of our finest jam, syrup and honey!

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  • 8oz Jar - Hoh River Red Huckleberry Jam
  • 10 oz bottle - Wild Blue Huckleberry Syrup
  • 9 oz. jar - Wild Olympic Huckleberry Honey
  • Our Hoh River Red Huckleberry gift is a unique and delicious collection of the very best of the wild berries from Pacific Northwest coastal lowlands of the Olympic Peninsula. A favorite of Northwestern coastal tribes for centuries, these small round, red huckleberries enjoy a refreshing, wonderful tart flavor and sweet woodsy character that berry enthusiasts adore fresh from the vine or as a syrup or preserve to enjoy year around.

    Nothing says "old times" like our Wild Harvest jams and Syrups. Hoh River Wild Red Huckleberry jam is slowly made by hand in small batches to assure its unique aroma and flavor. The sweet, yet tart flavor of our jam goes great with both breads and barbecued fish or wild game.

    Our Wild Olympic Huckleberry Honey, considered one of the finest and rarest wild flower honeys, possesses a full bodied flavor that naturally takes one back to the woods of their youth. Wild Huckleberry Honey is made by honeybees pollinating the wild huckleberry flowers of the Olympic Peninsula. We've collected the "best of the best" for you, your family and friends.

    All our Wild Harvest products are made with 100% Wild berries handpicked in the Pacific Northwest foothills. Our berries have been tested and are extremely healthy. The wild Huckleberries have 2 times the antioxidant levels of a blueberry and the Wild Blackberries have 4 times the antioxidant levels of a blueberry. These are some of the healthiest berries you can find.

    We take pride in all our products and strive to only make the best Jams, syrups and honey you will find. Enjoy our traditions with us and try our exquisite Wild Harvest treats.

    Naturally Wild, Wildly Delicious