Wild Huckleberries

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Wild Huckleberries

The huckleberry is the northwests most nutritious food. Full of noble metals and antioxidants. The healthiest berry you can eat.

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Huckleberries are one of the few foods that contain the noblemetals. Found only in uncultivated wild soils high on the mountainsides of the northwests mountains. Noble metals enable our brains to function at their full capacity. They are also full of antioxidants, 4 times that of a blueberry. Amazing flavor so good in smoothies, on cereal, by themselves, or in any other way you can imagine. We put over 8 oz. of fresh berries into a mylar food bag and dunk them in boiling water to preserve and seal them. A great price break when you buy 5 bags.

Our happy little ranch uses all aspect of organic and biodynamic farming practices to achieve the highest quality food, or medicine, as we like to think of our garlic as. Grown with love and attention, whether planting or eating, the care we take will shine through. Enjoy!

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