Our small farm has grown out of a desire to bring fresh real food to people. Without the help of family or a bank for financial and moral support we decided that since we could not buy a farm we would rent land and turn it into a farm. Which is what we did. We rent our 20 acres and other small pastures in the area in the hopes that we can someday have a place to call ours, but in the mean time this allows us to do what we enjoy! Nothing is more rewarding than hearing our customers tell us how awesome our products our and how much better they taste, or rather that there is a taste!

We do not use gimmic words to sell our products like "heritage" but that we raise real animals grown on pasture. Real animals, not GMO ones like factory food. We raise and sell chicken, turkey, quail, pheasant, duck, rabbit, pork, longhorn beef, and chicken eggs. We have an ODA licensed processing facility for poultry and rabbits. For the inquiring mind our ranch name comes from my magnificent Quarter Horse stallion Wild Opinion.

We always welcome guests to come check out what we do. We are not certified organic yet due to the HUGE amount of paperwork but use all organic practices. We will soon be humane certified as well but not yet due to huge amount of paperwork!


Listing last updated on Nov 12, 2013

All natural, pasture raised!

Schedule and Location:

Central Oregon. markets are done for this year, we will update when we know which markets we will be in next year!

Schedule and Location:

We sell directly from our farm. Just call ahead to make sure someone is home! We are working on an actuall farm stand and hope to be able to have this open next year.

Chicken; whole, half, pieces, boneless skinless, wings, ground, sausage.
Turkey; whole, ground, sausage.
Rabbit; whole, pieces, ground, sausage.
Pheasant; whole

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