Wildcat Creek Educational Center

Wildcat Creek Educational Center, inc. is a non-profit international hostel and sustainable farm. We do not use any chemical fertilizers or chemicals to control pest. Our operation uses compost, compost teas, composted animal manures to manage soil fertility. The farm follows permaculture design in the orchard and gardening areas. We choose to follow "beyond organic" methods to regenerate the soil and microbial communities that enhance a "living soil". We invited you to attend our workshops on permaculture, container gardening, solar energy projects, bee keeping, backyard poultry, living soil, in addition to many others. Contacts or William Wallace (850) 874-8167 or Phillip Smith (850) 557-4062.

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Wildcat Creek Educational Center follows a regenerative type of farming to create "living soil" which enhances plant/fungi/microorganisms interactions to maintain soil fertility and pest control. We are a chemical free environment using only organic varieties of plants while promoting living soils through compost and compost tea amendments. We welcome a visit to our orchard, garden and newly planted olive grove. We are located off highway 20, 2 miles east of Clarksville Fl.

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Seaside Farmers Market Saturdays 9 to 1 PM Central time

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