WildFeather Ranch

We are a family farm located on five wooded acres in North Central Florida. We raise a small flock of heritage breed poultry that include Dominique chickens and Bourbon Red turkeys. Our birds are allowed to free range during the day and return to their roost at night for security. One of our goals is to raise hormone-free food for our family. In doing so, we discovered how much more flavorful "real" poultry can be. It is also satisfying to be able to provide a good home for our flock to enjoy during their lives.

We no longer process our birds to sell as food but sometimes have a few extra that can be sold live.

Listing last updated on Dec 19, 2009

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I stumbled across this listing while looking for a heritage bird and was thrilled to see the farm is just a few miles from my house. I spoke with the owner several times over email, picked up a bird at the farm and we LOVED IT.... [more]

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