Wilmington Farmers Market

The Wilmington Farmers Market will provide a place where the members of our community can purchase a diverse and interesting selection of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, & locally produced goods, from small Massachusetts farms.

2011 Season Sundays 12:30pm-3:30pm Starting7/10/2011 Ending 9/4/2011

Our Mission Statement

* To provide a place where community members can purchase fresh produce directly from farmers growing within a 40 mile radius of Wilmington. (Shorter travel distances will ensure fresher produce at the market.)

* To provide a diverse and interesting selection of locally grown fruits and vegetables, and locally produced goods.

* To support small New England farmers. (Small farmers tend to grow more ethnically diverse crops, ensuring a wider variety at market.)

* To educate our community about the importance of sustainable agriculture.

* To partner with local organizations such as the library and Winchester Hospital Family Medical Center to promote education about healthy eating.

* To provide a self-sustaining social experience and to foster a sense of community in Wilmington.


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The life and soul of a place, all of our experiences there, depend not simply on the physical environment, but on the patterns of events which we experience there...It is the people around us, and the most common ways we have of meeting them, of being with them , it is, in short, the ways of being which exist in our world, that make it possible for us to be alive.

--Christopher Alexander, The Timeless Way Eat local

Schedule and Location:

Sundays 12:30pm - 3:30pm
Starting 7/10/2011
Ending 9/4/2011

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My family enjoyed this market - something for everyone, great entertainment and a great space in Wilmington.

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