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If you wanted to grow plants for therapeutic purposes you would choose a place that has an abundance of pure air and water. A place where there are more wild animals than people and more square miles of rivers and forest than square miles of asphalt and concrete.

Star Valley is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled places on earth. With a strong agricultural heritage the area contiues to be a haven from the polutants that is so common in many of our modern day environs. Our growing season is not very long so the plants must get down to business. They don't seem to mind.

The warm Wyoming sunshine works it's magic and the plants eagerly produce many of the raw ingredients we use in our herbal products. Of course we maintain the organic standards used from the beginning.

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With summer approaching it is time to prepare for the great outdoors by stocking up on some of our all natural Outdoor Insect Oil. It is made of a combination of pure plant oils to repel mosquitoes, gnats, fleas and other flies. It is safe for children two and older and works on your pets as well.

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Works great in natural antibiotic mixture I make for sinus infections. I'd recommend the product and seller.

Great product, works well in natural antibiotic mixtures. I'd recommend it to others.

I am a licensed massage therapist. I purchased this item because the ingredients are pure, and I was looking to have a product with arnica in it for use on particularly sore muscles.... [more]

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Summer's Over


Although we had a decent growing season this summer, the party is now officially over.  We now have snow on the ground and it was 16 degrees this morning. But that's what I like about Wyoming, change.... [more]

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