Wingshadows Hacienda

We provide produce, fruit , herbs & eggs for three restaurants in "Old Town" Temecula & one restaurant in the Temecula Wine Country. All of our restaurants are "farm to table" so they are able to take advantage of truly fresh ingredients furnished by various local farmers & ranchers.

Chickens are our specialty. We raise both Standard & Bantam Fowl.

Mille Fleur Bantam Cochins are our main focus. We will be breeding 9th generation this Spring 2014. We have started birds (4-6 month old) &, adults available. We ship both Bantam & Standard Cochin adults & started birds.

New for this year we are breeding Black Mottled Bantam Cochins & Frizzle Cochins. Both of these color/feather variations will be available in Fall 2014.

Other Cochin projects in the works for 2014 are Lemon Blue Standard Cochins & Buff Barred Bantam Cochins. Bantam Cochin are perfect in size for the 4-H'ers as they are gentle, small birds. . We have three Nubian Milk Goats. They supply us with superb goats milk daily. From this we make European style yogurt in the traditional creamy smooth method as found in Greece. This yogurt is outstanding with slices of our own home grown figs. Our Chev're is quickly becoming the appetizer of choice as it is reminiscent of France, Italy & Greece. Feta is also now available either plain or marinated in Olive Oil with fresh organic herbs from our garden. All three does are due to kid around May 7th. The kids will be for sale after they are weaned.

We harvested the first honey from our beehive summer of 2009 . We are truely pleased with it's rich, silky flavor. We now have introduced two more hives in our upper garden.

Our water supply is from a well powered by a solar pump. Fertilizer is complimentary of our goats & chickens. We use no commercial fertilizers or pesticides.

We are located in North County San Diego, close to Temecula & Murrieta.


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Very nice people, nice to meet them all. Lovely place. AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL CHICKENS, lovely, healthy, well cared for. Neat farm. What a pleasure. I hope to be friends with the family, and do business with Windshadows Hacienda for years to come... A special thank you to Lynne.

Dear Lynne;

Your son Adam has spoken so highly of your products and was

kind enough and generous enough to send me some goodies,

Gardenia, Basil Blossom Soap and Pikaki.... [more]

Thank you, Lynne and Bruce, for three of the most wonderful hens a girl could have!

I drove out to Wingshadows in September 2010 for their last three pullets/hens of the year.... [more]

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We are blessed! While the majority of the U.S. is buried in snow or temperatures so low that breathing is difficult, here we are with 80 degree days. Unbelievable!

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