Witch Hazel Water - Hydrosol Distillate 100%

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Witch Hazel Water - Hydrosol Distillate 100%

Hamamelis virginiana L., distillate of folium ramunculus.The real deal - 100% witch hazel water - LIVING PRODUCT, chemical free!

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sWitch Hazel is the most used botanical in the world. However, industrialization has changed the way the world thinks of witch hazel. We gone back in time, to bring you the real deal. Freshly distilled witch hazel, twigs, leaf and bark (we do mean twigs). Our product is 100 % pure witch hazel distilled at a rate of 1 lb fresh material to 1 lb distilled water (yes - we even use pre distilled water). This is why our product test results were amazingly pure. It is very important to understand how the industrial witch hazel is produced and why denatured alcohol ruins the natural qualities of witch hazel. Whole trees are ground to produce the over the counter medicine. Our products are NOTHING at all like the off the shelf shadows. Every twig is hand harvested and the living material is taken to our farm where it is distilled right away. For uses in cosmetics, conforming to FDA manufacturing add 14% alcohol. Shelf life 1 year

We only make about 200 gallons and do sell out. Order for the entire year.

Wild crop harvests including pine nuts, both those from New Mexico and those from Nevada, hickory nuts, mushrooms, witch hazel distillate or hydrosol. Made from freshly harvested leaves and twigs while the plant is in its prime. Our witch hazel is harvested while it is at its prime in a remote 150,000 acre private forest and quickly distilled using steam. We have our product tested and it is extremely pure. This is nothing like industrial witch hazel - 100% natural alcohol free (see what denaturing alcohol does to it).

Biodiversity Protected Through Wild Harvests - certified sustainable wild crops