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We are a small family farm focusing on rare and heritage breeds of livestock and poultry and heirloom seeds. We also utilize some animal-powered farming methods, and are proponents of farming "the old way". We grow most of what we eat and strive to be more sustainable as we go along.

We breed Randall Cattle, Belgian Brabant draft horses, Arapawa Island goats, Dark Cornish standard chickens, Pilgrim Geese, Black Cayuga ducks, Blue Slate turkeys, India Blue peacocks, Lavender and Pearl guineas, and offer pure and mixed stock for sale as available. We periodically have hatching eggs, table eggs, raw cow's milk and cream, butter and sheep's wool for sale. In season (and depending on weather conditions) we have organically grown produce, herbs, and hay for sale.

Each year on the first October weekend we host the "Mid-Missouri Horse, Mule, & Ox Farming and Historical Crafts Days" on our farm. Pretty self-explanatory--we have draft animal teams that come and demonstrate field work, give wagon & buggy rides, and do various draft-related work, as well as heritage crafters who demonstrate their skills. We also have a remnant prairie that we make available occasionally (and during our October event) for observation to limited groups . Inquiries welcome, just contact us.

We do practice biosecurity, and have 5 guardian dogs and a guard mule, so it is necessary to contact us ahead of time if interested in anything we offer for sale. We will sell some things by mail-order. We are Life members of Tillers International, Seed Savers Exchange, Missouri Prairie Foundation, and American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, and supporting members of the Missouri Draft Horse & Mule Association, the American Brabant Association, and Rural Missouri Spinners Guild.


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Rare & Heritage Breeds, Organic Produce, Herbs, Seeds, Fiber

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