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Welcome to Wix farms, your local source for fresh lamb, pork and eggs. We strive to provide you with the most wholesome, highest quality foods available. Foods that taste delicious and that you can feel good about feeding to your family.

Welcome to our farm. Donna and I humanely raise quality lambs for delicious meals. Our lambs are not feedlot fed but have plenty of grazing areas as well as natural grains and alfalfa.

Our lambs are hardy dorpers and katahdins. Check out their hardiness here. These lambs are perfectly suited to the high desert environment we experience here in the red rock valley.

We raise our lambs in a no stress environment with secure fencing, vigorous predator control, a small population and limited breeding. Water is plentiful and when winter comes they sleep in a nice cozy barn at night. We invite you to call and arrange to visit us and look for yourself how we raise our lambs.

We are a small family operation striving for quality rather than quantity. This is why we may be sold out when we announce that we are taking reservations for our quality lamb products.

From the day they arrived, our chickens were kept in a warm and secure environment until they were ready to go out to the coops. The chickens are secure inside a 200 sf interior pen which holds two coops and sufficient area for chicken activities. The entire 200 sf is covered with roofing to keep birds and predators out while letting in the sunshine.

Our chickens are fed crumble, natural scratch and free ranged. We supplement their food with fresh fruits and vegetables each day. We believe that happy and stress-free chickens will produce delicious eggs in abundance. Our 23 chickens have produced an average of 14+ eggs each day during the month of December 2011. Keep in mind that chickens generally decrease their egg production or shut down entirely in the winter months. our chickens are happy and productive.

The fresh farm eggs are fresher than what you will get at the local grocery store. Do not let those cheap store prices fool you, those eggs are months old and cannot hold a candle to the taste of what our girls produce.

Our Lamb and Pork is USDA Inspected and professionally processed.


Listing last updated on Mar 26, 2014

We are currently expanding to raising miniature cattle which provide more meat for the dollar.

We have planted fruit and nut trees and are in the process of having large greenhouses built to raise fresh vegetables and fruits.

Schedule and Location:

Lamb meat available now. Eggs available now. Ewes bred in November for spring lambs. Advance order of whole/half lambs appreciated. Deposit required. We offer both USDA Inspected meats and Ranch Harvesting if desired.

We also have Grass Fed Bison and Beef that are raised to our standards by affiliate Rancher.

Eggs available anytime.

Look for us at the Mid-Town (Thursdays) and Lazy 5 (Sat) Farmers Markets during 2014.

Of course you can call anytime to place an order.

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