Woodland Spirit Aromamist, 1 oz

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Woodland Spirit Aromamist, 1 oz

BALSAM mist redolent of the HOLIDAYS & deep woodlands

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Our WOODLAND Spirit Aromamist brings the bright scent of BALSAM to your home during the holidays.

Spritz those balsam pillows to refresh them. Spray other rooms to smell like a balsam tree. Traditionally said to help with depression or skin problems when sprayed directly on the skin.

Contains ORGANIC BALSAM essential oil & distilled water in a beautiful 1 ounce cobalt blue glass spray bottle.

ONLY available during the winter holiday season.

Want high quality, lovingly made ORGANIC HERBALS? Each herbal product is handmade from organic, farm-raised herbals. For our Aromamists & essential oils: We are very fussy when it comes to aromatherapy: we use only the highest quality, pure essential oils from small farmers. Each is chosen by Carol for it's high medicinal value & pure, accurate scent.

WBH makes no health claim for our herbals-consult a physician prior to using herbals. We ship only via Priority Mail.