Woodsong Hollow Farm

Woodsong Hollow is nestled high in the forested Oley Hills. We raise pastured chicken, Thanksgiving turkeys, grass-fed lamb, and heritage pork - the meat is really tender and delicious, and our customers tell us that the eggs are the best they have tasted! Our livestock are all raised on pasture and the supplemental feed the poultry and pigs receive is grown by a local farmer without pesticides and herbicides.

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Would you like to collect fresh eggs each morning from your own chickens? Heritage breed pullets are available in summer and fall as well as some commercial-style brown egg layers. These birds are all pasture raised and have received the our naturally grown feed from birth. Retired layers also available as pets for those less interested in full scale egg production!

Listing last updated on Nov 7, 2012

Thanksgiving Turkeys and Thanksgiving Market

Enjoy your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner knowing that your turkey has enjoyed a healthy, happy outdoor life! Our turkeys thrive in our fields and woods, devouring vast quantities of our lush green pasture along with grasshoppers and other treats that they find as they forage. They are tender and flavorful and we aim for a weight range of 12 - 22lbs. Let us know you preferred size and we will do our best to accommodate your preference.

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