Wool Top for Spinning, 16 oz

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Wool Top for Spinning, 16 oz

Combed Top creates the smooth, lightweight worsted yarns used for projects that need to hold their shape like cabled knitting. Per

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For the discriminating spinners in the world! We beleive we have one of the finest wool producing flocks of registered Rambouillet in the country.

Rambouillets are well known for their superior, long staple, dense, fine wool. Their fleece has a light-shrinking staple of three inches or better which results in greater thread length hence more thread produced per pound of wool.

Our combed top spins a nice 3-ply yarn of 10 wpi at 35 yards per ounce or 560 yards per pound.

It is a handpainters dream come true. As you can see in the photo, it takes dyes beautifully and holds its form throughout the dye process.

These lustrous, natural wool fibers are sure to inspire some irresistible project. This GreatWool is suitable for the finest knitwear and feltings, perfect for wearing next to the skin.The lustrous white color takes dyes beautifully, the long, light-shrinking staple is perfect for spinning and it felts easily too.

Wool in your hands. Art in your life.