Worm Casting Compost Tea Bags

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Worm Casting Compost Tea Bags

Boost plant growth, immune systems & reduce transplant shock with gentle, balanced Worm casting/compost tea. Makes 5 gal. per bag.

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Our Red Wiggler Worms compost rabbit manure, coffee grounds, leaves, and grass clippings. We sift, heat and dry the finished compost and bag it up for a rich foliar and root fertilizer. No chemicals are used at any stage.

Directions: Fill a five gallon bucket with water. Drop in the tea bag. Let sit in the sun for as little as an hour, or as long as all day. Pour the tea into a sprinkler can or into a spray bottle. Reuse the tea bag until the tea is too weak then compost the bag. ( I place my used bags under a rose bush where they mulch until they eventually compost. )

Our Products are Grown and Processed with no Chemicals and Minimum use of Petroleum Engines.

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