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Worm Wranglers is in the business of vermiculture, employing red worms in the reduction of kitchen garbage and manure to create organic usable products. The usable products are called worm castings and worm tea (liquid form of castings). These products are infinitely richer in nutrients then some of the finest top soils. Solid castings are water soluble, time released, conserve water and are immediately available to the plant as plant food. Worm tea is a natural repellent for aphids, spider mites, scale and we have been told white flies, as well as food for the plant. These products are all natural and organic, they will not heat up and burn plants, nor can you over feed. The nutrients will set in the soil until the plant needs them. These products can increase plant appearance and productivity by 4-10 times. These products are also disease free, aide the plant in becoming pest and disease resistant. We also sell red worms by the pound for gardens, compost piles and to start your own worm bins. Our worm castings and tea are concentrated, so you get more for your money. Castings can be mixed 1 part castings to 5 parts water. Tea can be diluted 50/50. Give it a try you will be amazed at change in your plants.


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Worm Wranglers, Organic plant food produced by worms. Worm tea and casting concentrate, get more organic for your buck. We also sell worms by the pound. Ask for a brochure.

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We sell year around from our home based business located in Trinidad, CO.

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