INTENSIVE CLASS:Organic Pesticides and Plant Pathology Basics!

Alternative Community Farmer -Consultant/ South Florida - WPB, Florida

Basics in Botany/plant pathology/common gardening mistakes for new South Florida gardeners. prevention. Lazy gardener secrets for: low garden maintenance-Composting-Mulching-Irrigation.

How to fight the white fly /garden pests without chemical pesticides and much more,Intensive class (3hrs)cost:$30/adult.Regular (1.30 hrs) cost:20/adult. Children under 12 free. Rsvp by leaving name and number . Bring/tell a friend.Week day classes available upon special arrangements. We come to you for garden consultation. More details at: BONUS :Make and take home a potted garden with free seeds,seedlings as availble ONLY upon INTENSIVE early Email RSVP .Same class available during week day upoin request!

Start Date: Oct 23, 2014
End Date:Oct 25, 2014
Start Time:3:00 PM
End Time:6:00 PM
Organized by:Alternative Community Farmer -Consultant/ South Florida us in
Address: Leave mane and number to RSVP and receive .RSVP by email omly .NO CALLS .
WPB, FL 33415
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