Yellow Dock Tincture

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Yellow Dock Tincture

Reduce food sensitivities, detoxify, and enhance digestion and absorption of iron with fresh wildcrafted yellow dock tincture

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Our Yellow Dock Root (Rumex crispus) Tincture contains fresh wildcrafted yellow dock root and organic grain alcohol. Yellow Dock root has many uses connected to the digestive system and liver. Taken before meals, it acts as a digestive bitter and Cholagogue. It can ease the effects of food sensitivity by reducing gas and bloating. Yellow dock is a gentle laxative and can be helpful for constipation. It is a valuable blood purifier and builder. It enhance the body's absorption of iron and can be used for mineral deficiencies such as anemia. Yellow dock also detoxifies the body and clears liver heat. This action can clear up hot moist skin conditions.

The herbs in our Single Herb Extracts are always hand harvested with respect and care at their peak seasonal potency. We take pride in producing tinctures from fresh plant material, creating the most consistent, potent, energetic and medicinal remedies. They are then processed with care by hand in small batches. Extracts are produced with pharmaceutical grade organic grain alcohol according to standard tincturing ratios. They are infused for one complete lunar cycle in glass jars and are then hand pressed and bottled.

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