Yellow or Red Pear Tomato Seeds / Organic

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Yellow or Red Pear Tomato Seeds / Organic

Sweet pear shaped tomatoes - "garden candy". Use for salads, preserving or eating fresh.

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One ounce of seeds can produce about 2,000 plants. Leftover seeds should be saved since tomato seeds remain viable for up to five years.

Tomato seed germinates best at about 70F. The seeds should be evenly spaces and planted two to three inches apart with three to four seeds to the inch, ½ inch deep. Keep warm and dark until the seedlings appear.

When they have one or two true leaves, the seedlings should be transplanted into individual containers that contain a rich soil. Increase the feeding of liquid fertilizer slightly.

After plants have hardened off- and when all danger of frost is past - they can be transplanted into the garden, but will require protection- baskets, hay bales, hot caps or gallon jugs with the bottom knocked out.

In some places, tomato plants will grow from seed outdoors.

References: the encyclopedia of organic gardening.

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