Over the past 40 years we have noticed that the small family farms that once were (to many of us) part of every day life, are all but extinct. As the factory farms began taking over, we have seen the use of chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, etc. become standard practice in the production of our food. We have also noticed that the flavor and juiciness of the meat we buy, just isn't the same as it used to be. At Young Earth Farm, none of our animals are in confinement buildings. The hogs root and roll on the ground, the chickens are on fresh pasture, and the cattle have a field and woods to roam in. We believe a little closer to the way God created them to live. None of our feeds contain antibiotics, hormones, or animal by-products. We also use the old "heritage breeds" in our hogs, which not only are bred for flavor and meat quality, but are better adapted for both hot summers, and cold winters. Our customers are convinced that these things combine to make our meats not only better tasting, but healthier also. We offer a variety of sausages, and bacon that are made without nitrates, or MSG. Along with a selection of standard cuts of both beef and pork. And Pasture raised (fryer) chickens. (Fryers only available June-Oct.)


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Great tasting meat. Without antibiotics or hormones. We offer a full line of naturally raised beef and pork products, just in time for spring grilling. Try our nitrate free smoked pork chops.

Schedule and Location:

Bank Street Market Kalamazoo- Saturdays all year
Texas Township Market - Saturdays May through September

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We just had the smoked pork chops for dinner tonight, and they were by FAR the best pork chops we have ever tasted. AMAZING! We will definitely be back next week to buy more!

Dave's meat is the best!! It's so tender and taste so fresh. You won't settle for anything less after this. He'll have chickens soon....can't wait!

Dave has a great product and we are always pleased with what we get, check him out at the Kalamazoo Farmers Market.

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