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Young Urban Farmers is a Toronto-based company that helps people grow their own fresh food in the city. Founded in 2009, we hope to share our passion for local organic produce by making gardening simple, fun, and rewarding for people across the GTA, Ontario and beyond.

Our passion for gardening started when we were children, helping our parents tend to our own backyard vegetable garden. We learned how to properly care and nurture our plants, enjoying long summer days in the garden and enjoying the bounty of the harvest. We discovered that gardening is a fun and tasty experience something that should be simple and something that doesn't always require heavy lifting or back-breaking work. As a result, we've developed a unique gardening system that allows you and your family to get gardening in a few simple steps and share in our passion for gardening.

Since our inception, Chris and his team have helped all sorts of people with their edible gardening needs. We've provided self-watering and ornamental containers for a simple and easy-to-manage balcony garden. We've tilled the land, taken out sod, and converted underutilized backyard space into thriving vegetable gardens. We've setup raised bed kitchen gardens that provide fresh greens and salads throughout the summer. And we've had the privilege of setting up a garden for an urban restaurant/boutique hotel. Whatever your needs, we've got a wide range of products and consulting services to help you out.

Our specialty lies in edible vegetable gardening - whether it is in your backyard, front yard, patio, balcony or rooftop. We believe in local, organic, and sustainably-grown food you can feel proud of eating and sharing with your friends and family. We've got a variety of products to suit your needs, including raised beds, self-watering containers, hanging planters, and lots of garden accessories. Check out our online store for more details.


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We specialize in edible gardening products including raised beds, self-watering containers, hobby greenhouses and cold frames, collapsible rain barrels, and more.

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