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I believe that adaptation of sustainable agriculture systems, rebuilding local food systems and revitalization of the rural sector is the key to solving many serious and complex issues America faces during this new millennium such as:

  • The health crisis, specifically mitigation of obesity and nutrition based disease
  • Climate change and global warming
  • Lack of food security and food availability
  • Energy shortage
  • Lack of Job creation
  • Lack of equitable distribution of wealth
  • Environmental pollution and degradation
  • Furthermore, I believe that the lack of viable local food systems is a threat to national security because 96% of our food travels an average of 1500 miles from farm to plate. Viable small farms are the back bone of the rural economy and localizing food production systems. Biochar is a key product in improving fertility and increasing production, and is a scalable means of sequestering carbon and converting other greenhouse gases in to energy. Zanjabil Gardens is a small (5 acre) start up farm transitioning to organic. We are using ultra-modern methods, (old methods rediscovered such as biochar) and mixed species cover cropping, 10 crop rotation and Albrecht(Base Saturation) mineral balancing to maintain perpetual fertility. We are using modern methods such as computerized farm management, crop planning and record keeping systems, and computerized accounting methods and SPIN (a production/marketing method) to guarantee good decision making that generates profitability. Good soil fertility producese tasty, healthy, nutritionally dense vegetable and fruits, and reduces pest and disease pressure. Our mixed species cover cropping system combined with ten year crop rotation managed automated crop planning; farm management software assists us in making the right decisions based on knowledge and observations. The SPIN approach to land allocation, post-harvest processing, crop pricing, gives us powerful tools to choosing the right markets and getting the best price for our produce. Zanjabil Gardens is a real production farm capable of feeding hundreds of families and can be used a model of the Farm In a Box¬© system that can be replicated by millions of people to help them move in to small farming to solve our national health crises and mitigate climate change through carbon sequestration and reduction in the use of fossil fuels. Moreover, Zanjabil Gardens is building the world's most sustainable home. This house is built using monolithic dome technology and is earthquake proof, hurricane proof, fire proof and tornado proof. It has a 1000 year life expectancy and is the most energy efficient building man can build. Revenue, from vegetable production and revenue from agri-tourism using the home to display modern sustainability techniques will make Zanjabil Gardens financially sustainable. Ecological sustainability is impossible without economic profitability.

    We are looking for investors who would like to be a part of a small farm.


    Listing last updated on Jan 17, 2015

    We are a founding member of the Chicago Chapter of the Bionutrient Food Association see We are also a member of the Pembroke Farming Family Association see

    Schedule and Location:

    IMAN's Farmers Market
    2744 W 63rd St
    Chicago, IL 60634
    To be announced

    All vegetables that grow in the midwest from Arugula to Zuchinni

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