Zebra Tomato Collection

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Zebra Tomato Collection

The beautiful Zebra Tomatoes are as delicious as they are eye-catching!

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We have long grown the popular Green Zebra, one of our favorite and most popular salad tomatoes. When we added these new Zebras to our tomato garden, we thought of them as beautiful novelties that would catch the eye of our customers at Farmers Market. They are so much more! The Black, Red, and White Zebras are all outstandingly productive (we can hardly keep them picked!), and have a wonderful, complex flavor.

You may purchase all four in the Zebra Collection, and liven up your salads and heirloom tomato platters with these glamorous fruits! Or, you can try one of the Zebras to start ~ you'll be back for the others!

Black Zebra

Green Zebra

Red Zebra

White Zebra

Minimum 20-30 seeds per packet.


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