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In essence, we are flower chasers-following the bloom with our honeybees providing much needed pollination services & helping to produce quality foods with quality small farmers. Home farm is at the �kiss� of the forests in Truchas at 8300� elevation-On the High Road-North of Santa Fe and south of Taos where Pecos, Carson & Santa Fe National Forests Converge. Nestled between high altitude mountain meadows, desert mesas with vistas & valleys and canyons of bosque, our honeybees buzz along the Rio Grande and its tributaries from south to north & east to west. By collecting enchanted nectar and pollens from Willows, wild roses, Locusts, Berries, Lavender, Alfalfa, Mesquite, Tamarisk, Sweet Clover, Chamisa and Asters, and many more wild & cultivated alpine, desert, bosque & orchard blooms, our abejitas create aromatic, healthy, sabroso honeys which are all pure, raw, unblended, and 100% natural! We do not add anything to their miel,nor do we heat it or filter it. Conscientious agriculture, reverence for Our land, Peoples & Animalitos Unites and truly Enchants Our New Mexican Tierra. The varietal honeys and beeswax our bees produce by gathering diverse nectars from across our Enchanted landscapes, exhibit the most exquisite floral bouquets with reverential depths for each and every palette. Our NM Pure & Raw Honeys are 100% Flower Power-as Mother Nature intended. Pure, Raw honeys are known for containing high levels of vitamins,antioxidants, enzymes and minerals essential to maintaining positive health benefits. Our other products include apiceutical assortments of medicinal hive products, including raw propolis, propolis tincture and salves, beeswax based lip and body balms, royal jelly, pollen, and diverse pollinator and beekeeping photo note cards, pure beeswax candles, ornaments, jewelry & unique art.

It is with sincere reverence, humility and dedication that we seek to promote conscientious beekeeping,diverse pollinator establishment and promotion and also share quality, wild-crafted products for the benefit of the bees, us as their stewards,and you, as community members. -VIVA LAS ABEJAS- ***LONG LIVE THE BEES*** POB 317 Truchas, NM 87578 Tel: 505/929-8080

PRESENTS: Beso d' Abeja *Kiss of the Bee* 100% Pure & Raw New Mexico Api-Botanicals & Unique Beeswax Artworks For complete price list and availability visit our website, www.ziaqueenbees.com *All products produced in NM with local beeswax, honeys and TLC. Zia Queenbee Company produces quality Survivor Stock: regionally fortified, Father Time Tested-Mother Nature Approved chemical-free queenbees. Our PURE HONEYS are All Natural, Raw, Unfiltered, and Unblended. Zia Queenbee Company participates with Western SARE- Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program, NMDA, American Beekeeping Federation, USAID Partners of the Americas Farmer to Farmer Program, Western Apicultural Society of North America and founded The Rocky Mountain Survivor Queenbee Cooperative (www.survivorqueenbees.org).

We devote our artful practice to enhancing quality of life for all beings. We encourage healthy participation and respect for biodiversification, and sustainable farming practices in our local, and global communities.


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We provide survivor Queenbees, Varietal Honeys, apiceuticals & Pollination Services to the Land of Enchantment. We promote the heritable trait of longevity through a Father Time Tested- Mother Nature Approved regiment in our living laboratory. All of our honeys are pure and raw and all products we offer are made with TLC. We are based in Truchas, New Mexico (halfway between SF and Taos). Si Hablamos Espanol. Que viva las Abejas- Long Live the bees! Paz y Alma- Melanie Kirby & Mark Spitzig

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