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The Fish Pepper is an African-American heirloom widely grown around the east coast in the 19th century. Fish Pepper plants have beautiful green and white variegated foliage with pendant fruits that are 2-3 inches long. When the fruits ripen, they change in color from cream with green stripes to orange with brown stripes, and then eventually to an all-red eating pepper. Traditionally, the fish pepper was used in oyster and crab houses around the Chesapeake Bay. Rated as 3 on a heat scale of 1-5, the Fish Pepper is also perfect for mild-medium salsas.

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Chatham Preservation Farm

  Buffalo, MN

Chatham Preservation Farm is dedicated to providing the greatest food to people through raising heritage breeds of livestock and heirloom fruits and vegetables in a sustainable manner. Chatham Preservation Farms offers a wide variety of produce and pastured poultry and goat through our on the farm pick up, CSA and Buffalo Farmers Market. (more...)

Charleston Power Family Garden

  St. Louis, MO

We are a market garden which started as a dream of a family orchard. Growing hard-to-find fruits is our main goal, as well as other produce as time permits. Many of our varieties are still maturing, and we love to try new things to grow. We use no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and grow in a way that will continue to improve the soil. (more...)

Cellar Door Collective

  Lincoln, CA

Biodynamic mini farm located in the foothills of Placer County, growing nutrient dense heirloom vegetables and culinary herbs. Mission: To grow and nourish...plants, minds, and bodies.(more...)

Catnip Farm

  Victor, IA

Welcome to Catnip Farm! Here are some of our native heirloom peach trees in bloom. These are the trees we grow from seed. CATNIP FARM is a 14+ acre organic farmstead in western Iowa County, owned and farmed by Rich and Ericka since 1996. We specialize in growing the best Catnip in the world, "Mr. Nipster" brand ~ Organic Catnip for Real Cool Cats! (more...)

Caprock Farms

  Logan, NM

Raising quality American Dairy Goat Association registered Saanen DAIRY goats since 1995 and ABGA registered Boer goats since 2007. We raise our goats as naturally as possible. Local hay and fresh cut browse are fed as well as a sweet feed for the milkers and kids. Everyone gets a treat as they leave the milk parlor. (more...)

Capella Farm

  Ann Arbor, MI

We are proud to follow organic growing practices and work hard to provide tasty veggies and herbs year round and, during the height of summer, flowers. It's time to sign up for winter, spring and summer: 1. Winter. We started Jan. (more...)