Green-striped cushaw, aka Tennessee Sweet Potato Cushaw squash

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Though the green-striped cushaw is technically a winter squash, it also produces a spring harvest. Found throughout the American South, the 10-20 lb squash has a yellow, slightly sweet flesh that is often substituted for pumpkin in pie recipes. It has a moist, hardy nature that stands up well in sweltering summer heat. The Cushaw is a central figure to much of southwestern Native American cooking, and is also prevalent in traditional Louisiana Creole dishes. While the green-striped cushaw is not endangered per se, it tends to be grown in small batches, often for private use, and is not widely available in retail markets.

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Donna's Farm

  Beaumont, TX    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

We grow a over 70 variety of vegetables and herbs all year, We are committed to using sustainable farming practices. We use NO chemical pesticides or fertilizers. We believe in eating local and knowing where your food comes from. We are Certified Naturally Grown! Volunteer at Donna's Farm: (more...)

Doe Run Farms


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Didaskalos Farm

  Donalds, SC

Welcome to Didaskalos Farms By the providence of God we are working our small farm in Donalds. SC. We started farming in 2004. So we have just a little experience now! :-) Our laying hens are awesome! We have Cinnamon Queens, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Buckeyes, Dominiques with a few others mixed in. They are supplying delicious eggs daily. (more...)

Denney Farms

  Silver Lake, IN

"Think Quaility, It's What We Grow!"We are a second generation family farm. For us farming/ homesteading has become our life. As the seasons change so does what we do for income around the farm. We offer in season produce including several heirloom varieties. We also tap our own maple trees for ol' fashioned maple syrup, (more...)

Delta Sun Farm

  Hendersonville, TN

We are a small scale farm located in Sumner County, Tennessee that is focused on producing organically grown food for the folks in our area by using Sustainable methods that renew the farm and the Nashville area. (more...)

Dela Rose Farm

  North Benton, OH

Dela Rose Farm is a very small part of a 112 year old farm that was sold into small parts. In March of 2009, I found this old farm house and old barns with 4.3 acres. I fell for it instantly. It was not used for years, but it had potential. I wanted to buy it, but I was told it was sold. So I started looking again. (more...)