Florida Cracker cattle

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The Florida Cracker is one of the oldest cattle breeds in the United States, dating back to the early 16th century, when Spanish settlers brought cattle to the New World.  The Florida Cracker was bred to tolerate heat and humidity, most parasites and diseases, and can withstand low-quality forage found on the grasslands and in the swamps of the Southern US. The Florida Cracker are small, and vary in color from brown to white to black. Given that the breed is considered a living part of the state's history, Florida has been a leader in the conservation and promotion of this breed over the past few decade

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Rabbits, Etc.

  Masaryktown, FL

We raise chemically free vegetables, strawberries, and meat rabbits, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys,ducks and eggs. We are steadily growing our CSA! Now supplying naturally raised pet food and bones. We also raise/harvest/ship globally bait worms (Red Wigglers and African Nightcrawlers), composting (Eisenia foetida) worms. (more...)

North Florida Tropical Entertainment

  Sanderson, FL

Luffa. Canna, Banana, Palms, Horses & Boarding welcome, or rent ours. Instructor and guides available! Camping, Kayaking, Canoeing, Weddings and party packages. All of our products are home grown, on our farm, or by others near-by.(more...)

Farm Girl Meats

  Perryville, AR

We believe the best tasting, most nutritious foods are farmed with a light hand. Our animals are bred and raised in the most natural of settings, on wholesome diets, and in tune with their given instincts. We are proud to share our Animal Welfare Approved meat, eggs, and milk with discerning eaters of Central Arkansas.(more...)

Deep South Graziers

  Rutledge, GA

DEEP SOUTH GRAZIERS At Deep South Graziers we are working to conserve Heritage Breed Cattle. Three of the four breeds we raise are listed as critical by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy (Florida Cracker, Pineywood, and Milking Devon) and the fourth(Scottish Highland) is recovering. (more...)