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In 1623 the first Milking Devon were brought to Massachusetts from North Devonshire, England, where they were valued for their production of both high quality beef and the rich milk used in Devonshire cream. Their agility when working on hilly, rocky terrain contributed to their popularity in the New England colonies. But with the market for dual-purpose cattle dwindling in the mid-1900s, the Milking Devon cattle mostly disappeared. A few select traditional breeders continued multi-purpose selection, which resulted in a new breed renamed the American Milking Devon, which is a medium-sized, red-hued breed with black-tipped white horns. This historical, efficient, hardy, multi-purpose breed is listed as critically endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

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Woodbridge Farm

  Salem, CT

Woodbridge Farm is located in south eastern Connecticut and is committed to sustainable, organic and Biodynamic agriculture. This approach provides you with chemical-free food and also directly links you to the natural cycles of the earth. The farm is managed in a holistic manner with all life forms and processes being respected. (more...)

Wild Branch Botanicals

  Craftsbury , VT

Wild Branch Botanicals is the newest part of wild branch farm located in the northeast kingdom of Vermont. We grow certified organic medicinal mushrooms, vegetables, and medicinal herbs here in one of the coldest parts of the state. (more...)

Vitality Pastures

  Bridgeton, NJ

Vitality Pastures raises 100% Grass Fed Beef & Pastured Pork using Holistic Methods Only. Our 4th generation family farm is located in Southern New Jersey. Not certified organic but currently in the process. We offer a variety of convenient ways to pay including special financing. We also have a daily educational farm blog on Facebook. (more...)

Upstate Locally Grown Market

  Honea Path, SC

Our Market hosts 30 plus local, sustainable "growers", including artisans and bakers. Our farmers are sustainable, all-natural growers and our bakers use freshly ground, whole grains, or all-natural ingredients. There are soups, as well as pies and cheesecakes, breads, along with the staples of meat, milk, cheeses, eggs, coffee. (more...)

UpTunket Farm

  Pawlet, VT

American Milking Devon cattle were the first cattle breed to arrive in colonial America in 1623. (more...)

Ulysses Livestock Conservancy

  ulysses, PA

The Conservancy is dedicated to the preservation of the American Milking Devon cattle , which presently number approximately 550 worldwide. ULC has operated since 1995, starting with one bred cow, and one yearling heifer. (more...)