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Brought into New Mexico's Rio Grande Valley by the Spanish explorers in the 16th Century, the Navajo-Churro sheep breed is North America's earliest domesticated farm animal.

Once numbering two million, the breed was dissipated by a federally-imposed interbreeding initiative and a government-mandated livestock reduction program. By the 1970s, only 450 Navajo-Churro sheep were left in the United States. The Navajo-Churro sheep's meat is lean with distinctive, sweet lamb flavor.

In addition to excellent meat production, these sheep provide abundant milk and have a highly desirable fleece. The sheep is hardy, living lightly on the land and requiring less water and grass than other breeds.

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Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm

  Ottawa, IL

Monthly Meat Shares - (Chicken, Beef, Pork & Eggs) $340 for a three month share, $660 for six months, and $1300 for a year. Current locations: On Farm and Aurora pick up by appointment. Arlington Heights - 4th Saturday Blue Island - 2nd Saturday Lakeview (Chicago) - 2nd Monday Edgewater (Chicago) - 3rd Saturday (more...)

Blue Hen Farm

  Montrose, CO

When we left the crowded east coast and the big city and started the Blue Hen Farm in 2003 we decided to raise the food we wanted for our table using the best natural feeds and techniques we could find. A great deal of research and lots of advice has produced great results. (more...)

Bide a Wee Farm

  Newberg, OR

bide a wee farm is located in the beautiful Chehalem Valley, about 25 miles Southwest of Portland, Oregon. We raise Jacob and Navajo-Churro sheep - both considered 'threatened' livestock breeds by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC). (more...)

Arriola Sunshine Farms

  Dolores, CO

We raise registered Navajo Churro Sheep. Our lambs are finished on lucious pasture with hay as a supplement in winter. We do not use hormones or grains. Anitibiotics are used only as medicine when necessary to prevent suffering. We direct market our grassfed Navajo-Churro lamb to individuals and chefs. (more...)

Alpha Omega Ranch

  Carmen, ID

Alpha Omega Ranch practices sustainable agriculture and humane animal husbandry in the mountains of the Beaverhead National Forest of Idaho. (more...)

AlAnn Ranch

  Ash Fork, AZ    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

AlAnn Ranch is a family run alpaca ranch in northern Arizona's mountains. We breed and sell hardy alpacas and Angora goats : (for breeders, pets, fiber animals, fleece, yarns and rovings, batts, hides, handmade items, meat, manure); Muscovy ducks : (meat, pets, breeders & eggs); and keep a flock of laying hens. (more...)