Silver Fox rabbit

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The Silver Fox Rabbit is truly a multi-purposed breed whose genetic make-up has never been divulged. Today it is critically endangered with fewer than fifty annual North American registrations and there is a global population of less than 500. The young are born either solid black or blue and begin to show silvering of their fur at about four weeks. The silvering process takes about four months to complete. The fur is the animal‚??s most attractive and unusual feature.¬† It is extremely dense and 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length. The Silver Fox rabbit has a deep loin that provides good meat proportions on the carcass. The taste of its meat is of high quality with a fine texture and tas

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Flint Hill Farm

  Russellville, MO

Flint Hill Farm is an organic farm focused primarily on raising heritage breeds of livestock and poultry in a pastured environment. The breeds raised are: American Milking Devon cattle, Wessex Saddleback and British Saddleback pigs, Cotswold sheep, Spanish Black turkeys, Black Jersey Giant chickens and Silver Fox rabbits. (more...)

Firesign Family Farm

  Whitmore Lake, MI    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Firesign Family Farm raises a variety of meat animals in an ethical, natural environment, adhering to the principles of organic and bio-diverse farming. We maintain a production flock of Icelandic sheep and on occasion have breeding stock and fleeces for sale. (more...)

Firefly Farm

  South Canaan, PA

We are a small family run farm and CSA specializing in heirloom vegetables and fruits, heritage chickens, turkeys and quail. We sell brown and colored Ameraucana eggs, as well as quail eggs. Our animals are free-range and grass-fed. We raise Irish Dexter & Belted Galloway cattle, heritage pigs and sheep. We also offer high-quality farm products. (more...)

Everhope Farm

  Montvale, VA

Small family owned farm. We have fresh eggs and meat (chicken, duck, turkey, rabbit) available for purchase. I have mainly heritage breeds of animals. Rabbits - Creme D'Argent, Silver Fox and Argente Bruns. Turkeys - Standard Bronze Turkeys, Chocolate Turkeys, Spanish Black Turkeys and Bourbon Red Turkeys. (more...)

Earthshine Acres Farm, LLC

  Greenville, FL

Free range/ pastured Non-gmo Heritage Pork, chicken, eggs, ducks, rabbits, quail and goats milk products(more...)

Dolly-Rock Farm

  Hilbert, WI

Our passion is endangered and low-input livestock, self sufficiency, and healthy living. We offer 100% grass-fed beef by the cut, and NITRITE-FREE, SOY FREE pastured pork, finished on fruits and veges. Our free-to-run chickens lay delicious eggs of all colors, and we have grass finished rabbit. (more...)