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During its potential 150-year life, each American pecan tree produces a nut that is unique in variety, making for millions of distinctive pecan nut flavors. Texas leads the nation in pecan production with an estimated 600,000 acres of trees consisting of 30,000,000 individual trees. Pecans are highly nutritious as they are sodium-free and contain upwards of 19 vitamins and minerals. As a nut with a high protein content, (18%) the pecan is listed on the USDA Food Guide pyramid as a nourishing alternative protein for people on a plant-based diet. Although not explicitly endangered, the American Native Pecan is at risk and in need of revitalization.

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Kansas City Food Circle

  Kansas City, MO

The Kansas City Food Circle promotes a sustainable regional food system by connecting Eaters and local, organic, and free-range Farmers. We serve Eaters and Farmers in the greater Kansas City area on both sides of the Missouri/Kansas state line by providing an alternative to the industrialized agricultural system How You Can Get Involved (more...)

Johnson's Backyard Garden

  Austin, TX

We started our farm in East Austin in 2004 with a 30x50 foot "Backyard Garden." Since then, we've expanded to a larger farm and our CSA membership includes folks in Austin and surrounding areas. (more...)

Isis Gardens

  Mt Vernon, MS

We are a small CSA based farm that also sales directly to the public at the farm. We raise many types of heirloom veggies throughout the year. Our main interest is maintaining a Strang a growing CSA. We are also trying to grow mushrooms, fruit brambles & trees, and Increasing the awareness of Biological based farming!!! (more...)

Hydro Harvest Farms

  Ruskin, FL

Hydro Harvest Farms is a hydroponic farm. Our motto is BUY LOCAL! BUY FRESH! We specialize in all locally grown produce. We are Open to the Public Every Day of the Year, except Major Holidays. We also sell Hydroponic growing systems. We eliminate pests, no bending to pick, very little water used. (more...)

Hippychick's Gardens - victory chickens

  bastrop, TX

Hippychick's Gardens is a small quarter acre urban homestead located in bastrop texas. From this lovely urban garden, we sell heirloom lettuces, specialty greens, and seasonal goods. (more...)

Healthy Hen Farms

  Oxford, NC

Healthy Hen Farms produces all-natural, pastured chickens, turkeys, eggs, and other farm products which are directly sold to our local customers and restaurants. All animals on the farm are fed a 100% certified organic, non-GMO, and soy-free diet in addition to fresh pasture on a daily basis. (more...)